Simple 500W Audio Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram with Transistor

We take transistor MJL2194 and MJL2193 for drive output the amp has a capacity for enormous instantaneous current ability.

 500W Audio Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

500W Audio Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram with Transistor

500W Audio Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

I think, it is useful for you to apply the circuit with your sound devices.

Circuit Functional
I use the -85 volt when the output current is supplied to the drive 350 to 340 very hot. Increase the output current, but it was too cold. The output to heat up faster than a normal open it. Sounds obvious, but sound quality is quite good.

I recomment it by turning out for the evening. If the drive is mounted on the metal part out.

I think simple. View full above, the observation that R 30 ohm then the voltage across the 0.86 V show that the new through its 29 mA if you add a file to / – 85 V, and suppose that the voltage across the component body. It was the same in both the R 30 ohm to get a very light 5 0.86 = 5.86 V and the current I will be 5.86/30 = 0.195 A = 195 mA, and the specification of mje340. mje350 get Ic (max) = 500 mA, so it is natural for it to heat up. Actually, it is not necessary to adhere to sync tr output should be interested in the following two tr power drive is better. For VR should be R300 .


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