Simple TV Transmitter circuit diagram (VHF)

Most of people ask TV transmitters.So Today I'm going to give you a very useful circuit diagram.By using this circuit you can send your signals 75m to 100m.This circuit diagram is not my own circuit one of my friends gave me this.I suppose you guys also can send your own circuit diagrams for us.Then we can publish them through our website.Here They have used common transistor BC 108 If you are unable to find this transistor you can use equal transistors like Bc337 2n2222 Bc 546

Simple TV Transmitter circuit diagram (VHF)

# To make L1 wound 6 turns of #24 enameled wire on a 10mm air former for frequency 60 - 80 MHz For 150 - 180 MHz wound 4 turns and for 180 - 200MHz wound 2 turns.

# This circuit operates with 9V power supply

# When you build this circuit you have to build this on a little space.

# The power of this circuit is 80mW

# use a pcb to build this circuit diagram.

# This is only for educational purpose.We can bear any responsibility of this If you misused this.

# This circuit transmit only video signals .If you want to send sound signals you can use an audio transmitter


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