Police Lights associate crystal rectifier Project

This circuit uses a 555 timer that is setup to each runn in associate Astable operative mode. This generates a nonstop output via Pin three within the type of a sq. wave. once the timer's output changes to a high state this triggers the a cycle the 4017 4017 decade counter telling it to output consecutive sequent output high. The outputs of the 4017 ar connected to the LEDs turning them on and off.

Police Lights and LED Project

Parts List

1x - NE555 Bipolar Timer
1x - 4017 Decoded Decade
6x - 1N4148 Diode
1x - 1K Resistor (1/4W)
1x - 22K Resistor (1/4W)
2x - 4.7K Resistor (1/4W)
6x - 470 Resistor (1/4W)
1x - 2.2µF Electrolytic Capacitor (16V)
2x - BC547 NPN Transistor
2x - LED (Blue)
2x - LED (Red)
1x - 9V Voltage Battery    Link


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