Simple ON OFF Touch Switch with 555 Schematic

This simple ON OFF touch switch circuit is based on the well known timer IC 555 (IC1), which drives a relay that acts like a switch. The metal surfaces can have what form we want, but it should be clean and very close to the circuit.

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Touch plate MP1 in order to close the contact of relay RL1 [ON], or plate MP2 in order to open the contact of RL1 [OFF]. The Led D2 turns on when the contacts of RL1 are closed. Two small pieces of metal can be used as sensor plates.

555 ON/OFF Touch Switch Schematic

Simple ON OFF Touch Switch with 555 Schematic

Parts List
R1 = R2 = 3.3M
R3 = 10K
R4 = 1K
C1 = 10nF
D1 = 1N4007
Q1 = BC547
IC = NE555
12V relay


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