Build a +15V 1 a Regulated Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Build a +15V 1 a Regulated Power Supply Circuit Diagram. This is a simple +15-V-1-a-regulated-power-supply circuit diagram. The supply receives + 20 Vdc from the rectifier/filter section. This is applied to pins 11 and 12 of the uA723, as well as to the collector of the 2N3055 series-pass transistor. The output voltage is sampled through R1 and R2, providing about 7 V with respect to ground at pin 4. 

+15V 1 a Regulated Power Supply Circuit Diagram

The reference terminal at pin 6 is tied directly to pin 5, the non inverting input of the error amplifier. For fine trimming the output voltage, a potentiometer can be installed between R1 and R2. A 100-pF capacitor from pin 13 to pin 4 furnishes gain compensation for the amplifier. Base drive to the 2N3055 pass transistors furnished by pin 10 of the uA 723. Since the desired output of the supply is 1 A. maximum current limit is set to 1.5 A by resistor Rsc whose value is 0.433 0. A 100-J


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