Electronic Light Switch Circuit Diagram

This is a simple Electronic Light Switch Circuit Diagram.. The circuit is a light switch who triggers when light drops on photo resistor. It is fairly simple in construction and can be used in a million applications. The photo resistor and the trimmer work as a voltage divider and also polarize the transistor TR1. TR1 triggers TR2 and TR2 drives the relay. Trimmer R7 is for adjusting the sensitivity of the circuit. 

 Switching Improves Regulator Efficiency Circuit Diagram

  Electronic Light Switch Circuit Diagram

R = photoresistor
R1= 4.7 Kohm
R2= 1.2 Kohm
R3= 2.2 Kohm
R4= 1.2 Kohm
R5= 1.2 Kohm
R6= 2.7 Kohm
R7= 100Kohm
C1 = 10uf/16V
TR1= BC107 - BC108 NPN
TR2= BC107 - BC108 NPN
TR3= BC557 - BC558 PNP - BC327
D1 = 1N4148 Relay = any 12Volt relay


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