Simple Thermocouple Preamplifier Circuit Diagram

This is a Simple Thermocouple Preamplifier Circuit Diagram. Thermocouple, a local temp sensor and a summing amplifier you can design a practical preamplifier. As a project goal, let's design a circuit. The MAX420 is operated at a gain of 191 to convert the 52 p.VI o C output of the type J thermocouple to a 10 mV/°C signal. The -2.2 mV/°C tempco of the 2N3904 is added into the summing junction with a gain of 42.2 to provide cold-junction compensation. 

Simple Thermocouple Preamplifier Circuit Diagram
 The ICL8069 is used to remove the offset caused by the 600-m V initial voltage of the 2N3904. Adjust the 10-KO trimpot for the proper reading with the 2N3904 and isothermal connection block at a temperature near the center of the circuit` s operating range. Use the component values shown in parentheses when using a type K thermocouple.


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