Simple Frequency - Voltage Converter Circuit Diagram

This is a Simple Frequency - Voltage Converter Circuit Diagram. Teledyne Semiconductor`s Type TSC9402 is a versatile IC. Not only can it convert voltage into frequency, but also frequency into voltage. It is thus eminently suitable for use in an add-on unit for measuring frequencies with a multimeter. 

 Simple Frequency - Voltage Converter Circuit Diagram

Simple Frequency - Voltage Converter Circuit Diagram

Only a few additional components are required for this.. Just one calibration point sets the center of the measuring range (or of that part of the range that is used most frequently). The frequency-proportional direct voltage at the output (pin 12รข€”amp out) contains interference pulses at levels up to 0.7 V. If these have an adverse effect on the multimeter, they can be suppressed with the aid of a simple RC network. 

The output voltage, U0, is calculated by: tfo=C/rei(Ci + 12 pF) R2fm Because the internal capacitance often has a greater value than the 12 pF taken here, the formula does not yield an absolute value. The circuit has a frequency range of dc to 10 kHz. At 10 kHz, the formula gives a value of 3.4 V. The circuit draws a current of not more than 1 mA.


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