5W Audio Amplifier With Ac Power Supply

This general-purpose low-power (5 W) audio amplifier is suitable for driving a spaker

 5W Audio Amplifier With Ac Power Supply Circuit Diagram

5W Audio Amplifier With Ac Power Supply

 of approximately 8 to 12 inches. A Sanyo LA4460 IC is used as the audio output IC. The circuit consists of a loudness control, driver amplifier Ql, and bass and treble controls of about ±10 dB boost/cut. It should be useful in a wide variety of situations. Either the ac supply shown can be used, or a 12 Vdc supply can be connected to points A&B (positive) and C (negative). Two of these circuits, using ganged potentiometers at R2, R7, and Rll can be used for stereo applications. T1 is a 12-V 1-amp plug-in transformer. Notice that IC1 must be heatsinked. Power output is about 5 W. A 4` 2` 0.050` aluminum heatsink should be adequate.


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