Motorola entered into the composition of Companies Lenovo

Motorola entered into the composition of Companies Lenovo
Chinese corporation Lenovo announced the completion of the acquisition of Motorola - until recently subdivision Google, engaged in the production of smartphones. The deal amounted to almost three billion dollars. For Google, the 2011 purchase of Motorola Mobility cost $ 12.5 billion.

Starting today, Lenovo owns all rights to the brand Motorola, as well as the range of existing and planned for release devices. Corporation Google, in turn, retained ownership of the majority of patents related to mobile technology. In this Lenovo received a license for the entire portfolio of patents and other intellectual property.

The acquisition should help to strengthen the position of Lenovo in the United States, where the brand Motorola familiar. Official appearance of the brand in Belarus should be expected. About this recently during an interview with a journalist Onliner.by head of the regional office of the corporation Andrey Kolesnik.
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