Developers are beginning to create applications for Apple Watch

Developers are beginning to create applications for Apple Watch

Apple has announced the availability of WatchKit, software with a set of tools that allow developers to create new opportunities specifically for hours Apple Watch -Personal Apple devices in history. Apple's developer community can now begin to create applications using WatchKit before will be available Apple Watch. Developers can build applications using active notification function Glances and to provide users with relevant information that is read from the screen at a glance Apple Watch.

Developers can create notifications that will be sent to users, and those - to respond to them directly from your wrist, for example, turn off the lights when leaving home, to quickly see the information on the flight at the airport, as well as change the itinerary if the train or the bus is late. Developers can also enable Glances, which will quickly show users the most valuable information for them, for example, the latest news and results of competitions, the state security system, or the next step is to prepare a favorite recipe.

The beta version of a set of programming tools iOS 8.2 SDK is now available to developers who are participants in the program iOS Developer Program. Site dedicated to WatchKit, also includes guides on programming guidelines for the construction of the application interface, templates, and other information. Later next year, developers will be able to develop native applications for Apple Watch.


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