The Nexus 8 or Nexus Android 9 L and 64-bit processor could have these features and design

The Nexus 8 or Nexus Android 9 L and 64-bit processor could have these features and design

With the introduction of Android L, the latest operating system Google Android Lollipop might be called the  Nexus 8 or Nexus 9 could have another design that we had seen.

The Nexus Nexus 8 or 9 remains a mystery and although we saw earlier as might be the design of this new tablet, the latest concept shows us the tablet based on Android L and a 64 bits.

This recreation was created by Vishal Bhanushali and has posted up a video to illustrate what could be the new product from Google.

The Nexus 8 which would be manufactured by HTC would have a soft material at the back to allow it to have a good grip, especially that it would be very thin and light. This rear appears very similar to the rear of the Nexus July 2013.

8 The Nexus runs the latest version of Google's mobile operating system Android Android Lollipop L or (if they end up calling the company), which offers the Material Design (Design Material), as support for 64-bit processors could be Intel or Qualcomm.

Being manufactured by HTC, the Nexus 8 would have the two speakers in the front that are named BoomSound.

According to the creator of this concept, the Nexus 8 would result by the minimalist aspect of L and Android Nexus devices, like the good style that HTC has shown in recent years.

Although this is only a concept, it is very possible that Google present Neuxs 6 and 8 together with Android Nexus L (Lollopop) possibly in October this year. Wait for it to arrive this date to find which is what Google actually has prepared for us.

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