Choosing the best smartphone of the year! HTC One (M8) vs Nokia Lumia 930

HTC One (M8)

Smartphone from Taiwanese manufacturer continues the tradition showered with awards HTC One sample of 2013. At first we even thought M8 - only slightly modified version of the progenitor. However, upon closer inspection, it turned out that HTC is not limited to small cosmetic modifications.

Choosing the best smartphone of the year! HTC One (M8) vs Nokia Lumia 930

Perhaps, One (M8) is most suited to the role of a «iPhone running Android». Recognizable and stylish metal body make it one of the most attractive modern phones. Accurate rounding single piece of aluminum slightly associated with the iPhone 6, in the finishing of plastic housing very few - only two thin strips on the rear panel and a small inset on the top.

The device is an example of what should be the flagship smartphone. With perfected design, high build quality and sophisticated design to the smallest detail. On top of the device at its immodest dimensions wonderful in the hand, and give thanks for it to be ergonomic bend the rear panel and rounded ends.

Five-inch Super LCD3 matrix can boast of ultra-high resolution, but also Full HD with more than enough for even the most demanding users. Management is supported by gloved hands, Gorilla Glass 3 is present. In general, good, best for top smartphone screen. No worse and no better than the competition.

The great advantage over other flagship models - the sound. On the quality of music playback with headphones device is not inferior to the best mobile phone player. And stereo device and hardly at all to some smartphone will be able to outperform in the near future.

At a decent level and the performance of the device. Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad and 2 GB of RAM do not give One (M8) a chance to at least slow down somewhere. Memory card support - also a plus, the lack of which owners complained last year HTC One. Battery life - the average, not stand out against the competition. Usually charging enough for one or one and a half days of the phone.

The only truly significant drawback of the smartphone is its camera. Widely advertised Taiwanese corporation "ultrapikseli", as shown, could not compete with the conventional "megapixel" cameras. Low detail and noise, which are clearly visible on captured with the One (M8) photographs are usually characteristic for budget cameras. We are dealing with an expensive device, the most advanced model of HTC. Perhaps, to complain about the quality of the pictures are not the only ones who need a mobile camera to Instagram.

Thus, a little more than $ 500 a mobile user gets "harvester" with a cool design, ergonomics, excellent display, really cool sound, high performance and a nice concise interface. Against the model is the only mediocre 4 "ultrapikselnaya" camera.

Nokia Lumia 930

Last Finnish flagship turned out to be extremely successful. Following a review we did under the influx of impressions called it an ideal mobile phone. Given, of course, what we are talking about devices based on Windows Phone.

Choosing the best smartphone of the year! HTC One (M8) vs Nokia Lumia 930

From a design standpoint, Lumia 930 - the complete opposite of his current opponent. Are lavishly used plastic, but the combination of polycarbonate panels with metal frame and protruding slightly convex glass front panel turned out very attractive. How to display slides over the body is comfortable to hold and gives the unit a charm.

Molded body, just like in the case of One (M8), but the memory card slot no. Dimensions are similar devices, "Taiwanese" a little longer, "Finn" - a little wider and thicker. Fundamental difference in size is not weight also comparable. If we talk about ergonomics, then due to the absence of sharp edges smartphone from HTC seems more convenient.

Comparable experience is familiar with displays of Taiwan and Finnish units. Differs only in technology - in the Lumia 930 uses AMOLED-matrix. Size and resolution do not differ from the screen One (M8). The device from Nokia provides a more vivid picture, but acid colors can be muted using the settings. Both players got the best-in-class matrix on the item they have complete parity.

Sound in the headphones is good as one, and the other phone. Opportunity to compare both devaysa directly with each other, we have not to imagine, but that they will be able to satisfy music lovers, there is no doubt. But the dynamics of the "Finn" do not sound so juicy as the "Taiwanese".

But at Lumia 930's nice photo module with 20-megapixel camera with Zeiss optics and a two-time digital zoom without loss of quality will suffice even the most picky of mobile photography. They may long to dig into the settings or trust automation - in any case, the photos will be worthy. Amateur photographers will especially appreciate the ability to save images in RAW.

One could speak of a total superiority PhotoChances Lumia 930 as part of today's match, if not a "but." Positive impression lubricates  speed to save a shot. Sometimes it can be annoying, especially against fleeting reactions One (M8).

As for the performance of the whole system and runtime, then these parameters, both phones are very similar. No stuttering, days of work per charge guaranteed run everything that you can run on your phone.

Slot microSD, unlike the One (M8) in the Lumia 930 is no, but "onboard" memory - 32 GB. Infrared is also absent, but the Finnish flagship still worth a little cheaper rival. The most controversial moment in device from Nokia is the operating system. Over the years, the development of Windows Phone failed to attract a significant number of supporters of Android and iOS. Tangled jungle settings are not always correct operation functions unlock your phone using tapping on the screen, the lack of quality applications - all this scares off potential buyers Lumia 930.


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