Choosing the best smartphone of the year! Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Google Nexus 6

Choosing the best smartphone of the year! Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Google Nexus 6
The vote, which was attended by an overactive fans and opponents of all "apple", like a real battle. More than 20 thousand votes! Both the applicant for the semi-finals until the last moment remained a chance to win. Neither LG G3, neither Apple iPhone 6 could not protect themselves any significant advantage. Unbelievable but true - the fate of the participants did not dare even at the last minute.

The third battle threatens to be no less intense than the previous one. This time, however, the reader will have even more difficult -  Galaxy Note 4 started recently, and Nexus 6 and did to us until he came. Nevertheless, both devices are worthy contenders for the title of the smartphone of the year, so you have to choose. And we will try to help you decide.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Bold experiments Korean company led to the fact that the market is "planshetofonov" expands from quarter to quarter (even Apple succumbed to fashion trends!), And the line of Galaxy Note every year pleases more than the Galaxy S. Today's hero - an example of "uberdevaysa" which offers the broadest and most advanced functionality. However, in exchange for a tidy sum.

Talk about the ergonomics of such devices awkward. Giant screens and huge body of such devices never compare to ease of use with conventional mobile phones or less overall phones. Manufacturers have to compensate for the inconvenience soft-tricks and a no ingenuity in the design.

Model Note 4, for example, finally pleased finish the case. There is a real metal frame, not the plastic imitation, as in many, many former Galaxy. Though the plastic cover, embossed with the traditional "under the skin", but pleasant to the touch.

Compared to its predecessor, the new Note slightly disappointed return USB-connector to the standard 2.0. In addition, the device has grown slightly in size, although the size of the display remains the same.

But the quality of the screen has reached a new level: 5.7-inch Super AMOLED matrix looks great with a resolution of 1440 × 2560 pixels. Throw in a few color mode, current-day work gloves, and improved support for stylus. The result had been one of the best in the segment of mobile displays.

The principle of operation and the possibility of a pen changed little. Still in its withdrawal from the nest appears radial menu with a list of available commands. More importantly, the control using the stylus has become smoother and therefore more enjoyable. We, however, doubt that the owners of Galaxy Note 4 will often use a pen. However, if from time to time they will still be for him to take, it is unlikely to visit a slow or unintuitive work.

Among other things, Note 4 lucky with the camera: 16-megapixel photo module with optical stabilization makes great pictures and can shoot 4K-video. Perhaps today it is one of the best mobile cameras.

We were pleased and performance. Unlike its predecessor, Galaxy Note 4 does not slow down while scrolling desktop (and this in spite of the increased screen resolution). Think for a long time, the model will be one of the most powerful smartphones. No issues to Note 4 and battery life. Nine hours of video playback and a half to two days of intensive use - a normal result for the top-end technological device.

If we talk about the shortcomings, it is worth mentioning a fingerprint scanner. What it is - very good. However, the scanner works almost as bad as in the Galaxy S5. The result was, in fact, useless function, which will forget the vast majority of the holders of Note 4.

This, however, mere trifles compared with the main problem of the smartphone. It's about the price, which can wipe out all the advantages of the machine. Thousand dollars - it is very, very expensive. Many have to wait twice as cost reduction, what needs to happen closer to the announcement of Note 5.

Google Nexus 6

At Nexus 6 completely different philosophy. Google is offering users high-end specifications, but without soft-perversions and relatively humane price. In similar to the Galaxy Note 4 specs joint brainchild of Google and Motorola is worth a half times cheaper. However, overseas. We have the same price model could step over that same thousand dollars, which is asking for a competitor.

Subjectively, the image of "planshetofona" interesting design Note 4. Attracts abundance of flowing lines and more interesting harping combination of metal and plastic (smooth, not textured). But the novelty in size from Google loses opponent. Device 6 mm long by 4 mm wider and 1.6 mm thick. A small difference in weight (about 10 grams) will not consider, at such a scale, it plays no role.

AMOLED-display the quality is almost identical to the screen Galaxy Note 4. In Nexus 6 of its diagonal approximately 0.3 inches longer, but at the same resolution - 1440 × 2560 pixels. According to foreign observers, the direct comparison of the two devices will not notice a significant difference between the quality of the matrix devices.

Full parity is observed when comparing the performance and battery life - battery matches up to 1 mAh. Judging by the first review of American journalists, 13-megapixel camera gives photomodule Note 4. The lag is not critical and is more pronounced when shooting at night, but far from ideal.

Nexus 6 customers have to somehow survive the absence of infrared port, without which it will not turn switch on your favorite TV program. And, of course, "planshetofone" Google's no stylus - the main marketing weapon opponent.

In fact, the advantages and disadvantages Nexus 6 compared with Galaxy Note 4 is not so significant. Most likely, the choice between the two models will often affect adherence to a particular brand, as well as design. Plays an important role and value, but, again, both in Belarus devaysa most likely will act in the same price category.

Completed. Editorial decided to extend the competition between LG G3 and iPhone 6. give the voice for one of the smartphones not voted previously, users can on this page. The final vote count will be made on December 7 at 23:59.


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