Qualcomm is split or disintegrate

Media: Qualcomm is split or disintegrate. With the successful release of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge chipsets market situation escalated further, and Qualcomm can not feel so free, like a couple of years ago. The fact that the flagship of Samsung's popular use branded chips Exynos, thanks to which the Koreans save both themselves chip systems, and the fees towards Qualcomm. Customized also Chinese MediaTek, Qualcomm situation emerges for not promising, and the Americans seriously thought about disconnecting units Snapdragon.

Qualcomm is split or disintegrate

Patent royalties to Qualcomm collects with smartphones based on its chips make up 2.5-5% of the retail price of devices. It is the money, not the cost of processors, and up the lion's share of the profits of the company. Samsung and only one with its line of Galaxy S Qualcomm has paid more than $ 9 billion in royalties, and the transition to the Koreans own "silicon" was a severe blow to the company. Moreover, on the heels of the budgetary system of MediaTek, in connection with which Qualcomm thought about restructuring and even disconnecting the unit Snapdragon.

As the authoritative edition of the Korean BusinessKorea, plans Americans - to focus on licensing and collecting royalties. Division Snapdragon chip production can continue as an autonomous unit, but its prospects in this case will be vague.


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