Simple 12 -16V Converter Circuit Diagram

This is simple 12 -16V converter circuit diagram . Many devices operate from a car`s 12-V electrical system. Some require 12 V; others require some lesser voltage. An automobile battery`s output can vary from 12 to 13.8 V under normal circumstances. The load requirements of the device might vary. 

This circuit maintains a constant voltage regardless of how those factors change. Simple circuit, A, uses a 7805 voltage regulator.In addition to a constant output, this JC provides overload and short-circuit protection. That unit is a 5-V, 1-A regulator, but when placed in circuit B, it can provide other voltages as well. When the arm of potentiometer R1 is moved toward ground, the output varies from 5 to about 10 V. 

 Simple 12 -16V Converter Circuit Diagram

Simple 12 -16V Converter Circuit Diagram


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