Simple Programmable Amplifier Circuit Diagram

This is a Simple Programmable Amplifier Circuit Diagram, A programmable-gain amplifier (PGA) is an electronic amplifier (typically an operational amplifier) whose gain can be controlled by external digital or analog. Often a circuit will be called upon to perform several functions. In these situations, the variable gain configuration of this circuit could be quite useful. 

 Simple Programmable Amplifier Circuit Diagram

 Simple Programmable Amplifier Circuit Diagram

This programmable gain stage depends on CMOS analog switches to alter the amount of feedback, and thereby, the gain of the stage. Placement of the switching elements inside the relatively low current area of the feedback loop, minimizes the effects of bias currents and switch resistance on the calculated gain of the stage. 

Voltage spikes can occur during the switching process, resulting in temporarily reduced gain because of the make before- break operation of the switches. This gain loss can be minimized by providing a separate voltage divider network for each level of gain.


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