The Trademark owner iFon calls to ban the iPhone in India

The Trademark owner iFon calls to ban the iPhone in India
The Indian company iVoice Enterprises, founded in 2007 for the production of cheap mobile phones iFon, calls to ban the use of the country name iPhone. It is intended to establish the development and production of devices in China and Taiwan, but investors refused to invest in the project after Apple entered the market with its own smartphone in India.

"We wanted to release all the available mobile phone, so the name was chosen India Phone - iFon», - said the managing director of the company. According to him, the application for registration of the trade mark was filed in 2007, even before the announcement of the device Apple, whose sales started in India in 2009, reports Times of India.

Approximately 2008 US corporation filed a petition addressed to the Register of trade marks in India with a request to remove from it iFon, because it sounds too similar to the name iPhone. Following this, investors and partners refused to support the iVoice Enterprises and eliminated funding for the project.

In 2010, the Indian company has issued a counter-claim for exemption from the register the trademark iPhone, and in 2013 requested a formal procedure for the determination of the date of filing of applications for registration of trade marks.

For Apple, these proceedings are not a novelty. Earlier, a similar lawsuit against it won the Mexican company Gradiente Electronica, which owns the brand iFone. Also, the claim put forward Japanese Aiphone Co., American Cisco and others. Typically, in these cases it was about congruent or identical trade mark registered for many years before the advent of iPhone.


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