IC LM3914 Battery Monitor Circuit Diagram

This is the simple IC LM3914 Battery Monitor Circuit Diagram. This 2-volt battery monitor circuit IC LM3914 allows you to monitor the charging process to the next level. Adjustsments end are simple and all you need is a digital voltmeter for the necessary accuracy. Connect an input voltage of 12.65 volts between the positive and negative poles and adjust the 10K potentiometer until the LED lights 10. Reduce tension and the sequence of all other LED lights. Control has been an enlightening about 11.89 volts.

IC LM3914 Battery Monitor Circuit Diagram

IC LM3914 Battery Monitor Circuit Diagram

At 12.65 volt and higher the battery is fully charged, and 11.89 is considered "empty". This circuit, with the components shown, uses less than 10 mA. Of course you can adapt this circuit to their needs, making small changes. The circuit is set to the previous mode "point", which means that only one LED at a time goes on. To use the mode of "bar", then connect pin 9 to the positive supply rail, but of course more power consumption. The LED brightness can be adjusted up or down by choosing a different value for the 4K7 resistor connected to pin 6 / 7.


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